Course DescriptionThis class provides a continuation of skills in a variety of individual and team sports, and movement education.  This class will focus on previously learned skills and lead-up concepts.  It will also focus on physical fitness and cardiovascular conditioning by various skill testing methods, instruments, written tests, and adapted forms of assessment.

    Course ContentFitness (outdoor/indoor), Soccer, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Dance, Base Games, Frisbee Games, Lacrosse, Dance, Track/Field, Walking/Jogging,

    PreparationStudents must wear comfortable school uniform clothing, sneakers that have laces or Velcro, and shorts under skirts and dresses. 1/2 point will be deducted from their grade for each day they are not prepared for class. Students who do not have the proper attire will participate in the walking club.  Examples of Inappropriate Attire:  Dress shoes, boots, sandals, tight clothing, jewelry…etc .

    Participation:  Participation and being prepared for class is a huge part of your Physical Education grade.  We do not expect everyone to excel at every sport, skill, activity, or fitness test, but we do expect every student to give 100% at all times.  1-4 Points will be deducted per day for inadequate participation/lack of effort, unexcused Ab.

    Attitude/Behavior:  Full cooperation with class rules is expected!  Anything less will result in grade deductions and/or disciplinary actions. Gymnasium, Playground, and Ball Field Rules were discussed with each class and are posted in the gym.  1/2 Point will be deducted per day for breaking any of the rules.

    Skill/Knowledge Testing:  There will be written and/or skill assessments for each unit.  Demonstration of skills as well as knowledge of rules and terms pertaining to each sport/activity is required.  Fitness testing will be graded on improvement of self, reaching personal fitness goals, and comparisons to national standards. (10% of final grade)

    Immediate Administrative Discipline :  Fighting, Insubordination, Sexual Harassment, Cursing, Bullying.

    Miscellaneous Discipline: Improper Attire , Inadequate Participation, Lack of Effort, Phones, Electronics, Gum, Candy, Food, Sportsmanship, Disrespectful Attitude, Lateness, Classroom Procedures, & Following Directions.

    PHYS – ED RULES:                                                                                                Grading Procedure:

    1. Enter/Exit Quietly and Orderly reporting to TEAM LINES!! Preparation:         10% 
    2. Stop Immediately on Whistle. Participation:        80%
    3. Always Respect Teachers, Classmates, and Equipment. Behavior                 10%
    4. Always follow School and P.E. Rules.    
    5. Always do your Personal Best and give 100%!! Skill/Knowledge Testing        10%

    Please feel free to contact us anytime through our emails listed below J

    Mrs Kriebel:  jkriebel@woodlynne.k12.nj.us        Mr. Suwak:  jsuwak@woodlynne.k12.nj.us 


    HEALTH 6, 7 & 8 – Course Overview

    1. Understanding your Health                                                       ACTIVITIES
    2. Skills for a Healthy Life
    3. Mental and Emotional Health                                                     Lecture / Note Taking
    4. Mental and Emotional Problems                                                 Work sheets
    5. Relationships: The Teen Years                                                   Journal Writing
    6. Promoting Social Health                                                            Tests / Quizzes
    7. Conflict Resolution                                                                    Projects in class/at home
    8. Violence Prevention                                                                  Role Playing
    9. Physical Activity and Fitness                                                      Research in Computer Lab
    10. Nutrition and Health                                                                  Smart Board
    11. Your Body Image                                                                      Homework
    12. Alcohol Speakers / Guests
    13. Tobacco
    14. Drugs
    15. Personal Care and Consumer Choices
    16. Your Body Systems
    17. Growth and Development                                                        PROJECTS:
    18. Communicable Disease                                                           6th……..Body Systems
    19. Non Communicable Diseases                                                   7th……..Famous Citizen Project
    20. Safety and Emergencies                                                          8th……..Egg-Parenting
    21. Environmental Health Family Planning
    22. Male and Female Reproductive Systems
    23. Marriage and Parenthood
    24. Pregnancy and Childbirth and Prevention
    25. STD’s and HIV / AIDS

    GRADING                                                                                                            CLASSROOM RULES:

    1. Worksheets                                                                                      Always stay in assigned seat
    2. Vocabulary                                                                                       One person may talk at a time
    3. Quizzes                                                                                            Always be prepared for class.
    4. Tests                                                                                                Always be considerate of others
    5. Project                                                                                             Hold yourself accountable
    6. Preparation                                                                                       Always stay on task
    7. Participation                                                                                      Always use appropriate words
    8. Homework / Class Work                                                                     Never eat or drink in classroom
    9. Behavior                                                                                           Never use personal electronics
    10. Journal                                                                                             Obey all rules of a healthy classroom



    1. Enter/Exit Class Quietly and Orderly and report directly to assigned seat
    2. Begin do Now immediately and start worksheet
    3. All work must be completed in Health Class and graded.
    4. Absent- your responsibility to make up & hand in by end of marking period.
    5. Stay in assigned seat at all times
    6. Group Discussions- One person talks at a time.
    7. Group Work- Volume must be at an appropriate level or silence.
    8. Always stay on task
    9. Always be prepared for class
    10. Always be considerate of others
    11. Always hold yourself accountable for your actions
    12. Always use appropriate language
    13. Always keep your hands/body parts to yourself
    14. Never eat/drink ANYTHING in classroom.
    15. Never use electronics/phones/etc….during class
    16. No talking during quizzes/tests
    17. Modifications for Students to do lessons on computer
    18. Modifications for students to do lessons with a partner
    19. Modifications for students to do lessons on their own
    20. Always to your Personal Best and give 100%



    Detention in Gym Class

    Call Parent/Guardian

    Referred to Dr. T

    Alternative Education



     Extra Help or Make-up Work: Wednesday after school