• General Curriculum 
        6th, 7th and 8th grade instruction will support the goals of the common core standards. In order to create a balanced literary framework, students will participate in read alouds, shared reading, guided reading as well as independent reading. They will focus on fluency, close reading, understanding content and word study. Writing will be modeled, guided, interactive and shared so that students will develop the skills necessary to become effective, independent writers. 
  • 6th Grade

    In Units One and Two, students will learn the habits, strategies and expectations necessary to become strong, active members of the reading and writing community. Students will be learning about Mark Twain. They will read a prepared selection of  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Giver. They will then move onto learning about the fables. In writing, students will be focusing on continuing the adventures of Tom Sawyer and explaining the qualities of a fable.

    7th Grade

    In Unit One, students will be focusing on "Literature of Maturation" by asking themselves, "What makes a person mature?" and "Are we responsible for our choices and behaviors?" Students will read Stargirl. Student writing will focus on analyzing the literary elements of the novel.

    8th Grade

    In Unit One, students will think about whose life has value? Stereotypes and equality  will be two main themes analyzed and discussed. Students will address the first theme by researching and understanding the events and social situations that were taking place in America during the 1930's and by reading the fictional novel, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. In writing, students will focus on an essay discussing the theme of the novel.

    Throughout all grade levels and units, students will have focused vocabulary instruction which will include affixes and context work. They will also work on grammar, reading comprehension and question and response techniques.