• General Curriculum 
        6th, 7th and 8th grade instruction will support the goals of the common core standards. In order to create a balanced literary framework, students will participate in read alouds, shared reading, guided reading as well as independent reading. They will focus on fluency, close reading, understanding content and word study. Writing will be modeled, guided, interactive and shared so that students will develop the skills necessary to become effective, independent writers. 



    After completing our literature unit, Global Awareness, in which students read historical fiction novels on the Holocaust, we are now moving into poetry. Students will reinforce their recognition and understanding of literary devices such as repetition, imagery, similes and metaphors while practicing essential skills such as understanding author's purpose. Students will read to determine and discuss theme, the author's message, as well as close read to identify the meaning of particular words chosen to develop tone. Overall, students will understand the intention behind the genre of poetry-a concise form of literature that makes a quick impact upon its reader.