• General Curriculum 
        6th, 7th and 8th grade instruction will support the goals of the common core standards. In order to create a balanced literary framework, students will participate in read alouds, shared reading, guided reading as well as independent reading. They will focus on fluency, close reading, understanding content and word study. Writing will be modeled, guided, interactive and shared so that students will develop the skills necessary to become effective, independent writers. 

    Literature-Global Awareness


    After completing a nonfiction unit in which students focused on academic vocabulary, text structure and writing persuasively, all grade levels are now reading literature based novels on the Holocaust. Students have researched the historical elements of the time period and are presently relating what they have learned to the fictional stories they are reading. Students are reading to understand literary elements such as plot and characterization as well as figurative language such as similes and imagery. Students will be learning new vocabulary, answering text based questions and answering more comprehensive prompts using text evidence within their answers.