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    That's me! Katie Rickenbach.


    I am a recent graduate of Rowan University and I was lucky enough to complete my student teaching here. I was even luckier when they offered me a full-time job! I am sure throughout the year your child will tell you random facts about me that I incorporate into my lessons, but I thought I would include ten random facts about myself on here, just for fun :)

    1. I am the youngest out of 7 kids. Yes, 7! 

    2. I have an extreme love for cheese fries.

    3. My heart belongs to my two nephews, Patrick and Lukey. (Luke is his real name)

    patrick luke

    Lukey in the hat, Patrick making the silly face  

    4. Butterfingers are my favorite candy, too bad they get stuck in your teeth.

    5. I love listening to podcasts in my free time. 

    6. I taught in India while I was in college. SO awesome!

    7. I go to my Mom-mom's every Monday for dinner. We call it Mom-mom Mondays.

    8. I was in a commercial for Camden County College. 

    9. I grew up in Audubon.


    Once again, these are just some random, fun facts about myself. But, I am super excited to learn about your child all this year!