• Bonjour mes etudiants! I have missed you all and hope you have had a great summer even in these difficult times. While I know this school year looks much different than the past, I know you all will overcome these challenges and have a wonderful school year!

    In your THIRD year of French, we will expand our vocabulary and begin to achieve mastery of past vocabulary and grammar.

    Unit 1: Animals

    Unit 2: Directions

    Unit 3: School Days

    Unit 4: Leisure Time

    At the end of this year students will be able to identify animals, give directions, describe the classroom, and share what they like to do for fun!

    In their SECOND year of French, students will continue to extend their vocabulary and speaking ability through the following Units:

    Unit 1: Greetings and Feelings

    Unit 2: Calendar and Time

    Unit 3: Clothing


      By the end of the year the students will be able to express how they are feeling, share the time and date, describe what they are wearing, 


    In their FIRST year of French, students will be exploring the beauty of the French language through the following Units:

    Unit 1: Basic Greetings/ Leave-takings

    Unit 2: Numbers/ Age

    Unit 3: Colors

    Unit 4: Physical Descriptions

    Unit 5: Weather

    Unit 6: Family/ Home 

    Unit 7: Food

     By the end of the year the students will be able to engage in a basic conversation, count from 0-20, identify colors, describe themselves and others, talk about the weather, present their family members, and discuss meals.