COVID-19 Information

We Care About Your Child's Well-being

  • Dear Parents and Guardians,


    I understand the fear of germs in the classroom setting. We encourage students to wash their hands at regular intervals throughout the day, especially before mealtimes. In addition to that, my staff and I have been vigilant in disinfecting the classroom and our materials that are used regularly by our students. 

    We are limiting the time the students spend outside of our classroom and allowing only one student to go to the bathroom at a time. Students will be encouraged to wear their masks for as long as they can tolerate. Staff will wear masks at all times. 

    Some families may choose to continue to work from home. I encourage you to maintain educational routines. Continue to reach out to me for ideas of routines.

    Our activities usually last around 20 minutes each, but any time given will help your child maintain a routine. I just encourage that you do not allow them to spend an excessive amount of time on tablets or television as this will make the return to the school day very difficult for them.

    Morning routine

    -Go over the month, day, and year with your child. Talk about holidays that happen in the month. Encourage your child to think independently, use complete sentences, and ask and answer questions. 

    Fine Motor

    -Give your child a surface that is not porous and can be wiped off such as a refrigerator or window to use dry erase markers to practice writing words found around the house, their full name, or names of family members. Cutting is another great activity that we work on!


    -Place everyday objects in crazy places and ask your child to tell you were it is using directional words. (The banana is under the chair, The book is on Mom's head) Encourage full sentences and model appropriate sentences when there is trouble and ask the student to repeat the correct usage.


    -Practice counting everyday items such as dried beans or pennies. Make number sentences with the items with the student. I like to use dry erase markers on the table and make boxes ⌈⌋ + ⌈⌋= ⌈⌋ asking students to put the numbers in each box and either fill in the number of items or count out the items for each box and answer the question that way.

    Computer time

    -We use a program called IReady in our school. I will be sending home your child's username and password for the site. I encourage 20 minutes of math and 20 of reading. Many of my students do better with this program when I am able to help guide their thinking in the process. Often they like the encouragement that they are doing the right thing!

    Story time

    -My kids like to be read to! If you read a book, do so with plenty of expression and ask questions throughout! If you find that you are not comfortable with that, there are plenty of stories on youtube that are read aloud. Just remember to keep talking to your child about the story.


    -Give your child soapy dishes to wash in the sink. My kids love the water so this could be a while!


    -Encourage observations of changes around them. The plant soaks up the water, the weather is changing, what we need to wear in different weather, what the animals need survive, how is it like us?

    Social Studies

    -We have been talking about famous Americans. Talk about famous people you want to teach about. Research one fact about them.


    -Encourage your child to pick out a story that interests them. Ask them to read what sight words they know. Ask questions about the beginning, middle and end. 

    We like to use GoNoodle activities to promote fitness and movement. I recommend using this if you can't get outside!

    For Technology ideas, please check out Mrs. Otero's webpage


    So much love to you all! Stay healthy, my friends!!!