• Welcome to classroom #210! I am thrilled with the opportunity to help my students grow to their full potential!!! I will be teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Math.

    A little bit about me:

         - I am married with one child in college

         - I have been teaching for six years

         - I fit in well with these tall teachers at Woodlynne

         - I have been a basketball coach and I am a Sports Director for a kids summer camp

         - I am motivated when I help students figure things out...understand...succeed

         - I am a bit of a late owl: I am happy to respond to student requests outside of regular school hours (as long as I see them in time)

    This will be a FANTASTIC school year! Bring your "A" game, show your work, Do the Right Thing, and ASK QUESTIONS! There are no "dumb" questions in my classroom... It is also acceptable to not know the answer to a question when asked. TIME is a precious commodity. I'd rather a student be honest and admit they need help. While it's ok to not know the answer to a particular question when asked in class, it is not acceptable to then not LISTEN for the right answer. Track the speaker and provide your full attention. It's ok to make mistakes in our classroom. WE LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES!  Students should feel comfortable and free to riskRESPECT is very important to me! You have to give it to get it. I live by these words. We Treat People Right here. I believe we teach more than "A, B, Cs" and "1, 2, 3s". I am here to help develop good citizens and kind people in addition (pun fully intended) to successful scholars! I ask you to Do Your Personal Bestand I will attempt to do the same!!!

    One of my favorite quotes: In a world where you can be anything>>>>>BE KIND!!!!! However, do not mistake kindness for weakness. You can be strong and still be a nice person.

    Again, WELCOME to my...your...OUR classroom!

    Mr. Hagerman