• Welcome to the Woodlynne Public School District Curriculum and Instruction webpage. It is our desire, through this webpage, to keep you informed of all that is happening with your child’s education in the area of curriculum and instruction. We have been working diligently to ensure that our curriculum is aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, as mandated by the State of New Jersey, and that all of our students have access to this rigorous, set of learning standards and expectations.  The standards were created to prepare students for citizenship, college and work expectations by including essential content, and intricate skills demanded in a complex, interconnected world. You can familiarize yourself with the NJ Student Learning Standards.

    The Office of Curriculum and Instruction works collaboratively with the Chief School Administrator, parents, students, teachers, and school/community stakeholders to create, implement, evaluate, and revise exemplary educational programs. As school system stakeholders, we must jointly support academic excellence, provide relevant as well as engaging instruction, and promote a safe and inclusive school culture. Teaching and learning is the backbone of a school district, and it constantly evolves in response to the changing needs of the student population, as well as newly acquired best practices in education, district initiatives, and state directives.  To that point, the curriculum process is always ongoing as we continue to develop and maintain curricula that are aligned to New Jersey standards. Our Curriculum and Instruction is committed to preparing our students throughout their Pre–K through Grade 8 years to graduate and to be college and career ready. Through collaboration, the development of curriculum, supporting instruction, and on-going professional development, the Curriculum and Instruction team strives to reinforce and ignite learning within the Woodlynne School District.

    Throughout this website, many links are available that will provide students, parents, teachers, and administrators with meaningful information about the school district.  It is our hope that you will take advantage of the opportunities available through the website to learn more about the Woodlynne School District and to use the many resources which are available. Working together, we can ensure that each child has the opportunity to develop academically, socially, emotionally, and physically to their greatest potential.

    Teaching is a lifelong journey of learning about new strategies to continuously increase effectiveness and maximize learning for every student. The Woodlynne School District seeks to enrich the learning environment for its students by actively pursuing new strategies that will contribute to student engagement and achievement.  It is only through the support and hard work of educators, parents, and stakeholders that we can continue to experience the improved results that we have throughout the district.

    Alyssa Martin

    Director of Curriculum

    Woodlynne School District