• The Woodlynne School District has committed to a mission that will move this district forward to a level of excellence in order to equip every student with the knowledge, critical life skills, and strategies produced through education. Achieving these outcomes will position students to be creative, industrious and engaged citizens. We prepare our students to develop personal and social responsibilities in order to foster an internal sense of self-worth, while maintaining respect and dignity of others. Programs concerned with harassment, intimidation, and bullying (HIB), substance abuse, violence, crime, and values are part of the curriculum.

    The Vision of the Woodlynne School District is to foster a civil community of lifelong learners and scholars who strive for constant individual challenges and growth. We will accomplish this vision by inspiring educational, societal, and emotional growth along with development within a safe, pleasant, compassionate, and thoughtful learning environment. 

    Woodlynne Schools provide opportunities for parental involvement, as well as the participation of the community, local businesses, and higher education to support and encourage our students to identify and pursue their lifelong goals. The district supports parental involvement via PTO’s and community-related endeavors.

    Professional Development workshops for staff to keep informed of the latest research in instructional strategies and meaningful materials are offered during the school year. We continue observing all staff with an emphasis on coaching and instructional methodologies. 

    As per the No Child Left Behind Act, assessment has become the focus of evaluating student and school performances and achievement. Yearly school and district objectives concentrate on increasing test scores on all levels. We have also utilized funds to implement after-school programs, tutorials, as well as our Summer Intervention Program to provide effective interventions in assisting our students to achieve improved test results.

    The Woodlynne Public School District is truly focused and in pursuit of achieving their short and long range goals of improvement.



    Dr. Jack McCulley Ed.D. - Interim Superintendent