• I will conduct a class tomorrow.  We will using Zoom.  I will post a time in your Google Classroom. This week I am having class to answer any questions (that I can answer).  Parents please feel free to either join class or have your child ask any question that you might have.  Remember, it is new to all of us be patient with your student and yourself.  We WILL be ok through all of this.
    Mrs. McCoy Virtual Classroom Website
    3rd, 4th, and 5th  Grade 
    Students and parents continue to check your email on a daily basis.  Also, check into your Google Classroom to check for any assignments that I may have assigned.
    Students make sure that you are spending at least 25 minutes a day on I ready.  First, complete the teachers assignements.  If you finish the teacher assignements please work on "Your Path"  All of the links are located on my Website Links Page.
    If you do not remember how to do a certain skill you or your parent can always use Khan Academy.  Search the skill and watch the video!  It is really helpful.