• Science


    Welcome to the exciting World of Science,

    look around it's everywhere!!! 

    We are looking forward to an exciting 2018-2019 

    school year with your student!


    *Our science goals are to grow as independent learners, to think critically/ problem solve,

     discover new ideas, & continue to raise expectations!

    Students will be studying Earth Science Systems for the last 12 weeks of class.

    6th-(Rock Cycle), 7th-(Moon Phases),

    8th- (Preparing for the NJSLS- Science 8)

    *We are raising expectations to prepare our students

    for High School Science Courses and meet the State and 

    Next Generation Science Standards!

    **State Science Test for 8th Grade: Wed. 5/29 & Thurs. 5/30

     HW***Please be sure your student is reviewing content knowledge daily and attending extra help when needed! (Reinforcement WS, Studying for Benchmarks, Reviewing Interactive Notebook, Reflecting on Class Lessons, & Preparing for NJSLSA 8 Science State Test) 

    We are here to help your student succeed:)   
    If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!
     Mrs. Renae Vannais
              Departmental Science Teacher
    (856)962-8822 x-560