• Woodlynne School Board exists in order to guide its work for the School, it is committed to ensuring that our school achieves an exemplary level of performance among New Jersey  Schools.

    To accomplish its role, the Board:

    • Determines the long-range direction of the District
    • Establishes policies that direct the instructional and support programs
    • Employs and evaluates the Superintendent
    • Communicates with the community
    • Negotiates with employee groups to determine salaries and benefits
    • Calls elections on bond proposals
    • Approves the annual budget

                The public is invited to attend the public Board meetings to gain a better understanding of school district business and the role of the School Board. The public is also invited to address the Board during the public comment portion of the Board meetings. Individuals interested in addressing the Board should arrive a few minutes prior to the scheduled meetings and place their name on the sign-in sheet. You may also phone in your request to provide public comment at (856)962-8822, or email your request to ggontowski@woodlynne.k12.nj.us. Individuals may phone or email in advance of the meeting; please include the subject topic you will be speaking on.

  • Notice is also given that the Woodlynne Board of Education pursuant to the provisions of Local Public Contracts Law, has awarded contracts for professional services for the school year 2017-2018 on the following:
    1. Comegno Law Group, Solicitor
    2. Bowman and Company, School Auditor
    3. Garrison Architects, Architect
    4. Burlington County Joint Insurance Fund, Liability/Worker’s Comp Insurance –Per Insurance Requirements
    5. April Bright, MD School Physician
    6. Partners In Pediatrics, Occupational Therapy
    7. Therapy Source, Physical Therapy
    8. Marc Selover (ERI) Licensed /Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) – Based on Need
    9. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Dental Insurance
    10. School Employees Health Benefits Program, Health & Prescription
    These contracts are awarded through a “Fair and Open” or a non-fair and open process with or without competitive bidding as Professional Service under the provisions of the Local Public Contracts Law because said contracts encompass a professional service recognized, licensed and regulated by law. 
  • The Woodlynne School Board will meet on the following dates:
    August 13, 2019                                                    
    September 10, 2019                                            
    October 8, 2019                                                 
    November 12, 2019                                           
    December 3, 2019                                             
    January 2, 2020 (Reorganization)                   
    February 11, 2020                                               
    March 10, 2020                                             
    April 7, 2020 (1st Tuesday due to Spring Break)                                             
    May 7, 2020 (Thursday, due to budget)                                 
    June 9, 2020