About the Art Program

  • My goal as an artist and educator is to inspire every student, energize their creativity and support them as they express themselves with confidence. During Art class, my students will study a variety of cultures, artists, and works of art while they explore numerous techniques and mediums. I partner my lessons with other academic subjects to strengthen academic skills through visual and tactile learning.

    In addition to teaching the K through 8th grade Art classes, I am an Adjunct Professor at Rowan College at Burlington County.  I may have the opportunity to teach your student in the future as a college student!

    This is my fifth year as the Art teacher at Woodlynne School and my fourteenth year of teaching Art. I love being creative and truly enjoy making art with your kids. This year, I am ready to rise to the challenge of creating fun and engaging projects that have your students thinking from both sides of the brain.  I am confident we can be successful working from home and sharing virtually.  

    Please don't hesitate to reach out. You can email me at: jmelchiorre@woodlynne.k12.nj.us or call me at: (856) 962-8822, ext. 175.

    It's going to be another great year!

    Mrs. Jessica Melchiorre


    This 2020-2021 School Year schedule is entirely virtual.  I am pleased to teach your students from the Woodlynne Art room on:

    Tuesday: Mrs. Fowler's students, Mrs. Guermont's students, 6B, 8B, 7B

    Thursday: 1BB, 4Fb, 2MA, 5JA, 3KB, 

    Fridays: 4MB, 1HB, 1BA, 3SB, 2CA, 5DA

  • Criteria


    Mastery 3 pts

    Advancing 2pts

    Novice 1 pt


    Developing skills at grade level – Shows growth - takes risks to discover

    I produce high quality, creative work. I show originality and take risks to learn new.





    Understanding and application of Art Concepts and lesson objectives

    I apply all art concepts, especially those stressed for the project. I solve problems myself.






    Participation and effort

    I always participate in class and always use class time well






    Use and care of Materials

    I used all materials appropriately with no reminders. I always clean up








    I always follow all classroom rules and never cause a classroom disturbance. I am Always helpful.









    Art Concept (s):


    Lesson Objectives:


    Teacher’s Comments:


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    Primary students (grades K-2) Art Rubric

    To earn a plus:
        I produce high quality/creative work.
        I apply all skills, especially those stressed for the assignment.
        I participate in class and use time well.
        I solve problems and work independently

    To earn a check plus:
        I produce quality work
        I make an effort to apply skills, especially those stressed for the
        I participate in class and use time well.
        I try to solve problems and usually work independently.

    To earn a check:
        I produce acceptable work
        I apply some of the skills that are expected for the assignment.
        I usually participate and use time well.
        I sometimes solve problems and work independently.

    To earn a check minus:
        I produce work of inconsistent quality.
        I rarely apply the expected skills for the assignment.
        I sometimes participate and use time well.
        I rarely work independently or solve problems.

    To earn a minus:
        I produce no work, or work that shows little effort.
        I do not apply expected skills.
        I do not participate or use time well.
        I do not solve problems or work independently.

    This rubric is adapted for classes who use  C,  M, S, and I.