• All About Mr. Jakubowski - Social Studies, Social-Emotional Learning, and Gifted for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades

    I love reading.  You can often find me in the library reading picture books.  That's right, picture books!  I like reading the first page and then imagining my own version of the story.  In fact, that's what you'll find me doing in the summers at local libraries: telling interactive stories to kids, ages 3-12.  I've been lucky enough to be the Resident Storyteller at Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts since 2005, and this has led to the creation of many stories. 

    Drawing a Tree - Storytelling at the Camden County Library             Listening to an Apple - Storytelling at the Camden County Library

    I also enjoy studying maps, which is evident if you've seen my classroom!  I had a puzzle of the United States, growing up, and would spend hours memorizing the shape, capitals, and geographical features of each state.  This year in school, students will discover how we're all globally connected.  


    If I'm reading "grown-up" books, I reach for non-fiction.  I'm currently reading An American Plague, about the Yellow Fever epidemic in Philadelphia in 1793.  That Philadelphia was the capital of the United States at the time makes this even more interesting!

    What are you currently reading?  Please send me a recommendation at: kjakubowski@woodlynne.k12.nj.us