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Collingswood Summer Reading

The summer reading program is modeled after book discussion groups. The program offers a wide variety of choices and insures that teachers/facilitators have read the title. The list below has twenty-six titles, both fiction and nonfiction, and spans a wide array of topics. Students will read a title over the summer. 

Upon returning to school in the fall, students will be notified of the day, time, location, and facilitator of their book discussion group. Students will go to the assigned room to join in a book discussion. They will turn in their questions and answers to the facilitator. Both participation in the discussion and the written questions and answers will comprise their grade for summer reading which will be reflected in the first marking period English grade. Finally...enjoy your book and look forward to discussing the title with fellow students and staff! 

CHS Summer Reading 2020 PowerPoint

CHS Summer Reading 2020 Info and Instructions - This contains the questions students will need to answer in writing for first major English grade of Q1.

CHS Summer Reading 2020 Book Guide

CHS Summer Reading 2020 Student Choices Interest Tracker